WPWebHost review – Is WPWebHost the best unit? September 2019

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WPWebhost is designed exclusively for WordPress websites. The server of this unit is located in Singapore and USA. Therefore, WPWebhost’s system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With enthusiastic staff, modern and high-tech equipment, is WPWebHost the best unit?

The information you need to know about WPWebHost

WPWebHost is a hosting service provider established in 2007. This unit is evaluated by many experts as the leading web hosting service provider in Southeast Asia. Unlike other units, WPWebHost only provides hosting services for customers using the WordPress website system. In 12 years of operation, WPWebHost has bring their hosting services for more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

WPWebHost is one of the WordPress website hosting service providers that you can refer to
WPWebHost is one of the WordPress website hosting service providers that you can refer to

The features that WPWebHost provides to customers

To meet the needs of customers using WordPress website system, WPWebHost has deployed 4 main service packages, namely WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus and WP Geek. All 4 service packages only provide shared hosting and bring the following features to customers:
• Uptime (SLA) is nearly 100% with user approval and 100% with third party tests.
• Very flexible backup management method. You can backup manually or back up automatically. Your data will be retained for 30 days.
• You will be provided a free domain name by WPWebHost and SSD memory with capacity from 10 – 100 GB.
• WPWebHost will provide free SSL Let Encrypt SSL certificate to users.
• This unit will provide services with Jetpack. Jetpack will supply more than 200 free themes for you. You can set them up in 5 seconds with extremely simple operations.

You may consider using the service of WPWebHost because of these great features

In addition, WPWebhost also integrates WordPress tools into the system so users can work on the system manager with just one click without losing time moving between managers. With this feature, users can check sandbox, security scanner and provide WordPress automatic updates, website traffic statistics…

How is the cost of using website hosting service of WPWebHost?

To be honest, actually hosting plan is not expensive if compare with other WordPress Hosting company. In the market today, there are quite a lot of units providing this service with extremely reasonable prices. However, in addition to price, we think service quality is more important.

You can refer to the cost of using the WordPress hosting service of WPWebHost in the image below:

Cost of using website hosting service of WPWebHost

Currently, WPWebHost is deploying service packages for 1 month, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. The longer you use it, the lower the cost of using your service. Today, WPWebHost does not give users a free trial version. Therefore, this is very inconvenient for some individuals who want to experience the trial version before registering to official version.

However, WPWebHost will refund the customers within 100 days if you feel not suitable for the service of this unit. This is also one of the advantages that other units do not have. Besides, quite a lot of people also expressed interest in support services of WPWebHost. Is the WPWebHost support service good?

Is WPWebHost support services good?

WPWebHost’s support services is evaluated through response time, service attitude as well as feedback quality. Basically, WPWebHost owns an extremely professional and enthusiastic staff. This unit can respond to all user requests and inquiries. The response time for this unit is relatively good. Users often receive timely support from WPWebhost staff. With these great support, we think that WPWebHost will be the best unit for customers.

WPWebHost is a pretty smart choice for customers

Overall assessment about advantages and disadvantages of WPWebHost

For a more comprehensive evaluation of this unit, you can review the advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of WPWebHost

• WPWebHost is the perfect solution for users using WordPress
• Users can search for support right on the website
• Support customers anytime, anywhere
• System tools are easy to use for beginners, for example WordPress, JetPack tools…
• The system has an eye-catching and user-friendly interface.

Disadvantages of WPWebHost

• Little choice about global data centers

We are not experts, but we believe that the above ìnomation is really helpful to you, especially for those who are in need of using WPWebHost’s service. So, find out carefully the information we have just released. You can also learn more about other website hosting providers in the market. However, please take note and learn the information about the service as well as the features that it provides you.

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First at all, i will talk about Hostiso which was found by the experienced members on hosting market. They have served hosting services to many customers around the world. Today, they have become one of the world’s leading hosting service providers.

The strengths of this supplier is their commitment to reducing CO2. So, if you are using Hostiso hosting services, you are contributing to protecting the environment.

In addition to hosting services, they also offer domain name registration services. Although this is not their strengt

Their headquartered in Germany. Currently, they have databases in many countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore and France.

hostiso Coupon reviews

Web Hosting Plans at Hostiso Coupon

Similarly hosting providers. Hostiso also offers basic hosting packages including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Their hosting packages are well appreciated by professionals and webmaster communities around the world. Their shared hosting packages are affordable pricing compared to other hosting providers.

At Shared hosting packages, they offer 3 main plans including: basic, business and professional. Their shared hosting packages include features such as: free cPanel, Free SSL, Domain, CDN, DDOS … Unlimited sub domains, email accounts, mysql, daily backup data, 24/7 support.

The price of their  shared hosting from $3.99/mo to $9.99/mo for manual plans. This is a reasonable price for the international users who are looking for cheap hosting with many great features.

hostiso coupon Our VPS Performance plans

For VPS packages, the customers have two main choices including: Management and Unmanaged VPS.From $14.99/mo, you can own a host VPS package with features including: 2 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 500GB HHD Storage, 100 MBit/SPORT transfer.

Customers can easily upgrade their Hostiso VPS packages to 10 CPU Cores, 50GB RAM, 1200GB Storage and 1 GBit/SPORT transfer at $69.99 per month.

If you are looking for a dedicated server package with great features, Hostiso is a good choice for you. They offer you 7 dedicated server packages only from $149 per month. Their dedicated server packages include both Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

Customer Services

Hostiso is one of the leading online storage providers. Their customer service is also appreciated by alot of customers who are using Hostiso’s services. Similar to other hosting providers, Hostiso also offers basic customer services such as Live Chat, Support Phone, Suppot tickets and email.

Customers will receive excellent and fast support from the technical staff through support tickets and live chat. Their customer support system is always available 24/7 and Hostiso’s technical staff are available to help you solve any problem.


If you are looking for a leading web hosting provider then Hostiso is a great choice. They offer hosting services for customers at afforable pricing and quick customer support. You can find a lot of good reviews from customers and partners of Hostiso around the world.

They are always trying to develop their infrastructure and upgrade their hosting packages. Hostiso also offers domain registration services to thousands of customers worldwide at reasonable prices.

As you know, this provider often promotions for their customers. Therefore, customers can own their products and services at low cost by using discount codes, let get the coupon codes on Domainhostcoupon‘ Hostiso store to get more saving.

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If you are still looking for a good international host provider which are fit to use then you can look through the list of hosting providers below. The list below you will be classified into 3 types: Cheap price, Medium price.

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lifetime web hosting

Let read this post to choose a good webhosting for you websites and blogs. When you purchase a lifetime hosting package, this will be a careful decision and you should consider many aspects.

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