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Are you looking for a medium to large host, VPS hosting? InterServer is a perfect choice. InterServer offers many high quality VPS hosting at affordable prices.

All of their servers are located in high-tech datacenters at New Jersey. With the long history of operation since 1999, InterServer is a well known and the best trusted name.

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On this post, we will read some customer reviews for Interserver and pricing of InterServer VPS Coupon, Hosting backages.

Interserver Shared Hosting Pricing:


Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPrice
WINDOWS Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$5.00

InterServer’s Standard Web Hosting backages is so great with a alot extras. The price for the plan is so great too, only $5/mo. As you can see in the table, the price for the Standard Web Hosting Plan only $5/mo for Unlimited Space and Bandwidth.

The strength of the InterServer’s Web Hosting is very cheap than other Web hosting providers.

Most companies, such as Bluehost or HostGator do not offer one month hosting packages or prices will be significantly higher if you choose a month backage.

Interserver VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
VPS1 – Linux25 GB1 core1 GB$6.00
VPS1 – Windows25 GB1 core1 GB$10.00
VPS2 – Linux50 GB1 core2 GB$12.00
VPS3 – Linux75 GB1 core3 GB$18.00
VPS2 – Windows50 GB1 core2 GB$20.00
VPS4 – Linux100 GB1 core4 GB$24.00
VPS3 – Windows75 GB1 core3 GB$30.00
VPS5 – Linux125 GB2 cores5 GB$30.00
VPS6 – Linux150 GB2 cores6 GB$36.00
VPS4 – Windows100 GB1 core4 GB$40.00
VPS7 – Linux175 GB2 cores7 GB$42.00
VPS8 – Linux200 GB2 cores8 GB$48.00
VPS5- Windows125 GB2 cores5 GB$50.00
VPS9 – Linux225 GB3 cores9 GB$54.00
VPS6 – Windows150 GB2 cores6 GB$60.00
VPS10 – Linux250 GB3 cores10 GB$60.00
VPS11 – Linux275 GB3 cores11 GB$66.00
VPS7 – Windows175 GB2 cores7 GB$70.00
VPS12 – Linux300 GB3 cores12 GB$72.00
VPS13 – Linux325 GB4 cores13 GB$78.00
VPS8 – Windows200 GB2 cores8 GB$80.00
VPS14 – Linux350 GB4 cores14 GB$84.00
VPS9 – Windows225 GB3 cores9 GB$90.00
VPS15 – Linux375 GB4 cores15 GB$90.00
VPS16 – Linux400 GB4 cores16 GB$96.00
VPS10 – Windows250 GB3 cores10 GB$100.00
VPS11 – Windows275 GB3 cores11 GB$110.00
VPS12 – Windows300 GB3 cores12 GB$120.00
VPS13 – Windows325 GB4 cores13 GB$130.00
VPS14 – Windows350 GB4 cores14 GB$140.00
VPS15 – Windows375 GB4 cores15 GB$150.00
VPS16 – Windows400 GB4 cores16 GB$160.00

The strength of the VPS InterServer is cheaper than the products offered by their competitors. With Linux Cloud VPS starting at only $ 6 a month and Windows Cloud Only $10/mo.

InterServer really a great Web hosting and VPS provider with a good price and reliability.


Interserver Reviews and Expert Opinion:

Interserver review 2017

Interserver is rated by expert with  9.5/10 stars. This provider is a great choice for you.

Interserver Customer Reviews

And some other reviews such as:

I’ve been using Interserver shared hosting plan since a few months and the speed is great, I’ve had no downtime till now and the support staff is very helpful. Moreover, I used the coupon WAYWAYCHEAP and got my first month at 0.01$. Highly recommended! – Naif said (customer)

I have moved all 4 of my websites to Intersever, never experienced any downtime to far. The UI needs a little to get used to(hence only 4 stars for UF), but Interserver staff is REALLY helpful and competent&available 24hrs. I am not super techie so they did help me a lot and this is why I recommend Interserver to anyone, even the non Techies! – ANNA said (customer)

You just read some reviews from Interserver’s customer and expert. With a lot of good reviews. This is a VPS hosting and Host provider which you should to try, with low cost and great customer services.

Besides high quality hosting packages, Interserver also offers server hosting and domain name registration services.

If you wanna get more deals and promo code from this brand.

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